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Eyz Wide Shut I & II Sexy Tampa Florida Swingers Club

June 1, 2011
What an unusual and delightful venue for a swingers club.
It caters to anyone with a WILD SEXUAL DESIRE.
Voyeurs, exhibitionists, lesbian curiosity, soft swap, full swap, fetish interests and anything else a sexually adventurous or sexually curious person or couple would ever want.
Eyz Wide Shut has been completely remodeled since the days of the Pleasure Palace and Club Illusions started it up almost 10 years ago.
There are 2 entrances, one for the full liquor bar, as compared to a former bottle club.
The other side is a licensed sexual encounter center and state approved lodging facility.
This is the probably the most unique lodging and quirkiest lodging facility in the United States, bar none.
Even HEDONISM in JAMAICA has nothing on Eyz Wide Shut.
Each room has it’s own sexy theme to heighten your sexual experience.
Most rooms have windows where guests are welcome to have anyone else watch them while they perform live sex acts right in front of your eyes. Guests can also close the curtains for privacy.
No 6″ rule here. YES, LIVE sex acts right in full view without the fear of being arrested for the pleasure of yourself and anyone else.
Eyz Wide Shut also has 3 group rooms where it can accommodate 25 couples or more so they can enjoy the sexual experience in an open venue.
Sex furniture is everywhere. Saddles with vibrators, curved 6′ sex props, gyno tables, dungeon crosses, bondage beds, suspension racks, giant round beds, electric chairs and so much more I can’t even start to describe all of them. However, all worthy of a try.
Most rooms have mirrors on the ceilings, dimmers, ceiling fans, and very unusual upscale furniture such as canopy beds, antique style and art deco furnishings.
It is not what you would expect from a swingers club anywhere else in the country.
It is a place you would not be embarrassed to bring your wife, husband or lover.
CLEAN, Beyond belief.  It is inspected on a regular basis by the health department and has passed every inspection.
The cleanest facility in Hillsborough County!
Each room has magnetic doors just like any ordinary hotel.
Many rooms have memory foam mattresses, and all are covered in black vinyl for hygienic purposes.
The staff attendant changes linen after each guest use so you are assured of cleanliness.
The names of some of the rooms/suites are as follows: Lovers Lane, Lady Godiva, Seaside, Asian, Hedonism, Dungeon, Cleopatra, Brass Bed, and MANY, MANY more! 25 rooms to be exact!
Visit our website & cum out & see for yourself.
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